03 January 2011

Marquee quilt: the prequel

Here is a quilt I finished last year but haven't, until last week's jaunt to the snow, managed to photograph well enough.

I mentioned in my first marquee project post that I was making two quilts with the same marquee borders. The gaming quilt, the subject of this post, was finished first and lives in Hamish's living room. It measures about four feet by six feet, and is based on the funquilts marquee pattern

Its notable features include a foot pouch and an applique inspired by the Street Fighter II video game. The intended use is prevention of hypothermia while lost on a video-game bender.

I'm really pleased with the almost-solid red background fabric against the blue and brown strips. And I'm still crazy about the pieced bias binding.


  1. The quilt looks great...especially photographed in the snow. I enjoy seeing quilts outdoors. I might just brave the snow (there's plenty of it,just outside my door) after I finish the binding on my latest.

  2. hi dan
    (thanks for joining the follow cue) ;)
    i think you make amazing quilts! they form such a source of inspiration, that border alone already! it makes my own fingers itch so much, but i've got to wait now, till all my pieces will be reunited again, one day in the (are two years) near future...
    happy new year then.

  3. A Street Fighter quilt!!! Love it! I've got an arcade size Street Fighter game right next to my quilting frame!

  4. "The intended use is prevention of hypothermia while lost on a video-game bender" hahaha, you make me laugh!

    love the snow & quilts combination!
    I hope try that pattern this year!