01 January 2011

It's me, Mario

Happy New Year everyone! I've just spent a week in the mountains with my extended family, and we all had a wonderful holiday. I brought a couple quilts that I've had a hard time photographing in the hope that a snow scene would be more flattering. I show them soon, but for now here is a final handmade Christmas gift.

It's the finished Mario pillow I made for my nephew. Mario is much less obvious than he would be had I used solids, but I like the way he disappears when you get too close. I quilted straight lines on both sides of each seam.

I assembled the top by chain-piecing progressively larger patches of the pillow top.

Next time I do a project like this I'll probably be a bit more careful with consistent color value in the various color blocks. Or maybe not!

1 comment:

  1. That came out splendidly!! I love it!! And definitely looks like Mario. :D

    I didn't mention in my previous comment, but I made a 1up quilt pillow a while ago. I used non-solid fabrics, but didn't think to use various fabrics like you did here which I think came out fantastic!

    Here's my pillow, it was my first every attempt at quilting. :)