16 July 2012

Stencil Quilt Workshop

Yesterday I finished up a two-session Stencil Quilt Workshop at New Pieces in Berkeley. We had a great time and my students did amazing work.

We started off discussing reverse applique technique and strategies for fabric selection. To simplify, we work with whole cloth in the workshop, though we do discuss how we might incorporate patchwork.

Susan picked a rich woven grey background and an amazing text print of Japanese characters for her applique.

Each student picked a stencil design and we set about transferring the stencil to fabric. Shannon and Kelly chose a dragonfly design, and Gail opted for a gingko sprig. My gingko quilt had hung in the shop as the class sample.

And Susan chose a tarantula. Isn't that print amazing?

I love it when students take my designs and make them their own. Kelly doubled up the dragonfly. With her wonderful blue scale print for background, the dragonflies look like they're chasing each other over the surface of a lake.

Somehow I didn't manage to get a photo of Gail's gingko, but she also had a wonderful innovation. She added a 10" inset square with three small gingko leaf silhouettes in the lower corner of the quilt. But she reversed the foreground and background, so the leaves are the background fabric and the square is the applique fabric. It really looks great.

And finally we sandwiched and started quilting. Shannon's fabric choices are so bright and summery -- her dragonfly glows. I'm confident all of these quilts will be stunning.

Class Announcement:
My next two-session Stencil Quilt workshop will be in September. Sign up soon to make sure you have a spot!
New Pieces Quilt Store
766 Gilman Street, Berkeley
Sunday September 16 & 30, 12:30 - 3:30


  1. Those dragonflies are beautiful!

  2. Wow - how cool! I'm so interested in the your technique, and it's really neat to see how others interpret it. Only wish I lived close enough to actually take in your class.

  3. Please.come.to.Atlanta. (pretty please??)

    Amazing work your students created, the movement in the dragonfly quilt is fantastic.

  4. Thanks, Dan, the class was great! I've got the 'water' quilting designed figured out...sadly I can't get back to it until August.

    Looks like you could easily tour -- take your designs on the road and have fun teaching the class across the country!

  5. Dan that looks like an amazing class!

  6. i so wish i lived near you. i think refibered has the right idea (above).

  7. Wish I could have been there...if only you had offered this when I lived in the Bay area 10 years ago...and if only I had been into quilting then...! If you're ever in Toronto, maybe a workshop at The Workroom? It would be very popular!

  8. whoa, those are impressive, Mr.Teacher Dan! wish i could take your class sometime. how about an east coast swing in a tour?!?!

  9. These are fantastic
    I've an Arts and Crafts challenge for later this year and this technique is one I've been considering, but up until now on a much smaller scale - Dan you have me rethinking things - you are 'bad', I've enough to do already .... ;o)

  10. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I would love to take a class from you on this. I love all of these projects, but the tarantula is especially awesome!

  11. I wish I could have taken the class - your students' projects look amazing!

  12. Reverse applique is one of my favourite techniques. Your workshop looks so much fun. Do you ever plan to come to Australia?

  13. I love the dragonfly! And I would love to take your class - but like many of the above, I live too far away. Have you ever thought about selling kits with stencils and instructions? Or doing a Craftsy class or some other online class? Your work is outstanding and I would love to learn some of your techniques.

  14. Have you ever thought of doing this class for the Craftsy website?