17 November 2010

Shirting quilt

I'm finishing up two quilts, and they coud hardly be more different. One is bright, colorful, flowery and feminine, and the other is simple, muted and masculine. I'll have more about the first quilt soon. The second quilt top is getting layered with backing and batting today. It's a nine-patch pattern made from recycled shirts. The sashing between the blocks and the backing are cream-colored flannel sheeting. This blanket is definitely all about comfort.

I think this one will get straight-line quilting with alternating colors for a plaid effect.


  1. love your masculine quilts so much and I like the idea about the recycled shirts! that one looks realy comfy..!

    but even when I'm not feeling as a girly girl, I have to much curiosity about your feminine quilt...

  2. By the time I finish a quilt, I am in such a rush that I usually just scribble my name,the date and the recipient's name on the back with a pigment pen. Your label looks very professional.