17 August 2010

Porthole pillows

I'm excited about these pillows I made to go with my marquee quilt. I used many of the same fabrics I used in the quilt. The neutral solid is a double layer of the same unbleached kona muslin I used to back the quilt.

I wanted to contrast the square geometry of the marquee quilt with some bold circles. The reverse-applique technique is inspired by Lu Summers's porthole quilt. The finished seam of the foreground fabric against the backing applique creates a striking sense of depth. I obviously took my quilting in a different direction than Lu.

The pillow binding matches the binding on the marquee quilt.

This project started with a doodle on deceptively rare and precious note paper.

I like the way the straight-line quilting meets the echo quilting around the circles. I think it evokes a bit of science fiction, or maybe crop circles.


  1. Oh Dan I love those pillows!! they are the perfect complement for your quilt!
    I've told you that your work is amazing? really A M A Z I N G!

  2. Dan, those pillows are flippin' awesome!

    I just found your blog a week or so ago and am really enjoying your work.

  3. RosaMaria and P - thanks so much for the wonderful compliments.

  4. Dan, I'm your newest follower, courtesy of P., blogging about your wonderful porthole pillows. She was not wrong. They are fabulous!

  5. Fabulous work...I should say play. I love your quilt and pillows! Rosa Maria sent me over, and I am glad she did!

  6. Oh I was thinking crop circles too and then I saw your comment near the end - I like the contrast of line and curve.

  7. wow, those are awesome! i love anything with circles.

  8. Is that porthole your idea? I would love to incorporate it in a show quilt for our next guild exhibit. The theme is "Making Waves" and I keep imagining looking through a porthole. let me know! I'm happy to (of course) to give your name credit.

    : )
    ~Monika in Canada
    Quiltmaker and Fibre Artist