22 July 2010

Well, hello.

For the most part I am a self-taught sewer and quilter. My mom taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was a kid, but I lost interest and didn't sew anything for years until the 2006 Gee's Bend exhibit at the De Young piqued my interest. Inspired by the confident use of color and playful improvisational technique, I immediately purchased two books on quilt making. Alas, the books sat for a few more years before I finally started sewing in 2009. But now I'm hooked.

Every time I stumble upon a new (or old, as the case might be) technique and realize that I've been doing it wrong, I tell myself that I really should take a class or two. And some day that might happen, but for now I'm studying pictures on flickr for inspiration and technique, searching blogs for pointers, and hitting youtube when I need some video to wrap my head around a new concept. All of which is to say that I am no expert.

I'm not sure what ambitions I have for this blog. While I'm interested in sharing finished work as well as the creative process and techniques I use to achieve it, I also look forward to feedback and discussion.


  1. Dan, your post just touches my heart! I have been quilting for over 40 years, you are so talented and I feel the same excitement about quilting now as I did when I first started out, it's a life long learning experience. There is no "right" way, that is the beauty of it, it is totally your creation from start to finish, it has your imprint upon it for all time. Some of the most incredible quilts are "mistakes". Love your work, keep at it, and photograph everything...it's fun to look back years from now at your initial creations and see the development of your own style and technique!

  2. I love reading first posts. I was trying to find a time before you found your talent and originality but I don't think there was one.

  3. Dan, here it November, 2016 and I have just found your blog and what a treat it has been this morning as I've scrolled and read until the very first one.

    I so enjoyed your class at Glampstitchalot this weekend just past and after a nice nights rest, have opened up my beginning project from your class and will get it finished. Thank you. You have inspired me all over again.