06 March 2011

Warm enough

The circle quilt, I'm happy to say, is done! The finished size is 92"x 92". I'll be carrying it to Hamish in New York at the end of the week.
I quilted from both sides. I started on the medallion side with a navy blue echo stitching parallel to the sashing seams.
Then I flipped it over and used the rays as my guide for some free motion meandering. I was aiming for about 3" stitch spacing with natural thread.
The starburst is intentionally a bit off center, highlighted by the navy echo quilting.
The wide quilting distance and the high loft batting (a layer of cotton/poly plus a layer of wool) make this blanket feel like I comforter. I slept under it the other night, and I can certify that it's at least as warm as my two Warm&Natural-batted quilts (one of which has a double layer of cotton flannel for backing).
I love that this quilt feels like it has two fronts. I refuse to call the starburst side the back -- it took me so darn long to piece!
And the medallion side benefits greatly from the quilting in the blue patches. It's amazing what a little thread and pucker can do for a solid field of fabric.


  1. Looks great....I can see how it would have been a tough one to quilt.

  2. Love that it has no front and `back`. A beautiful quilt.

  3. Stunning! Love the contrast of organic and geometric between the two sides.

  4. Fantastic as usual! Love those wood block prints.
    Hamish is very lucky, have a great time in NY!

  5. it's looking mighty good. i've never done circular thingies, scared of it (on fabric).

  6. That turned out so well! I love both sides equally.

  7. That turned out beautifully. Great job--I love it and he will too!

  8. It came out great, and looks sooo cozy. Have fun in NY!

  9. that side B really is gorgeous.

  10. Hello Dan! I'll try again - in the afternoon the storm closed my computer...
    I love this circle quilt! The pattern is beautiful and unique and those colours are wonderful! Perfect idea to make both sides top!
    Sunny wishes, even it's almost snowing here in Crete! Teje

  11. awesome desing!!!
    love your quilt and for sure Hamish is loving it so much!
    I want to try circles, always I'm scared about it!