14 June 2012


I've just finished my three Free Bee blocks for May. John Quilt Dad asked each of us to make a stack of three 10-inch quilt blocks inspired by Erin Wilson's Totem series. Each of us chose a color. I think I was yellow/green, though I ended up much more green when it came time to sew.

Water Tower
The fabrics are a mix of shot cottons, hand-dyed solids, an over-dyed print, and a commercial blue solid. I wrote about dying the fabric several weeks ago.

Telephone Pole
Then I went to sew the blocks and I was at a complete loss for inspiration. I started one block but was unsatisfied with how it was turning out. Color, composition, all of it was so disappointing.

The deadline passed without any further progress. Feeling guilty on my ride home from work Tuesday, I resolved to pick three items along the way as inspiration for the three block compositions. It was an industrial neighborhood, and the three items were a water tower, a telephone pole, and a factory. In real life, all three are various shades of grey and brown so I had to take liberties with the colors.

All of the totems in the group Flickr pool look wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.


  1. These are beautiful Dan - like you I can't wait to see the finished quilt

  2. Erin Wilson's work is so inspiring. Love what you've done with these fabrics. You picked a great color!

  3. These are fabulous Dan...what a great way to get some inspiration.

  4. Great stuff as usual, Dan. Your combination of dyed and commercial fabrics is wonderful.

    And thanks so much for bringing Erica Wilson's work to my attention - so cool, easy and uncomplicated. Lots to look at without feeling slammed.