23 December 2010

The stars and the planets

The second linen table runner is quilted and bound. Thanks so much to everyone who offered advice on how to quilt it! I went for a swirly effect in the background, as I suggested in the last post, then a loose echo stitch around the stars, connecting the stars in a wavy flow, and finally a meander through the stars, with the quilting for the star flow a slightly darker tan color.

I love the stars, but I'm also very fond of the back where it's all about the quilting.

It came out of the dryer beautifully.

And to stick with the astrological theme I'm pleased with the fresh-from-the-dryer pucker of the planets table runner, too.


  1. I love the fresh-from-dryer-pucker.....I'm always excited to wash a new quilt. These look great. I should be getting ready for Christmas but so it's much more fun reading the blogs. Have a great holiday.

  2. beautiful job Dan!
    Love the swirly effect of the quilting and the layout of the stars looks perfect!

    happy holidays my handsome friend!

  3. Love the stars - I see something like this in my quilting future (for next Christmas, that is)! Any chance for a tutorial?

  4. Those are just too cute! I love the puckered look on my quilts too =)

  5. lovely!! yes, i would love a tutorial, too..
    happy new year to you,